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3 Hotel Email Marketing Tips

Your open rate is the fist success metric you need to nail if your email marketing campaign is going to be successful.

Your headline is the difference between success and failure. A great offer is worthless if no one sees it, right?

Used by hoteliers at companies like

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Peter Zudyk

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Three Types of Hotel Headline Formulas:

  • Gain Hotel Headlines: These headlines focus on benefits to your potential guests. They emphasize what they’ll be getting out of the bargain.
  • Social Proof Headlines: Your guests want to know that they’re making the right decision by opening your email. Social proof is a smart way to get more opens and engagement for your email marketing messages.
  • Fear/Threatening Headlines: No one wants to miss out. Creating a sense of urgency or stoking a fear of missing out is an effective strategy. The offer must actually be urgent, timebound or limited to generate results AND please your guests/prospective guests.

Gain Headline Formulas:

  • The Secret to [Desired Result] Is Revealed
    • ex. The secret to a stress free vacation
  • Where [Desired Result] Is and How to Get It
    • ex. Our best offers and how to get them
    • ex. Where our best rates are and how to get them
  • Discover the [Desired Result] Secret
  • [Blank] Your Way to a [Desired Result]
    • ex. Click Your Way to a Luxury Vacation
  • To People Who Want to [Desired Result] but Can’t Get Started
    • ex. To people who need a vacation but can’t get on a plane.
      • Example above addresses drive markets during covid
  • You, a [Desired Result]
    • ex. You, completely relaxed
  • Stop [Undesired Result]
    • ex. Stop putting off your next vacation
    • ex. Here’s why you can stop putting this off…
      • Would be good to emphasize your refund, if it is generous, in the offer for this headline.
  • [Desired Result] in [Time Period] with [Blank]
    • ex. Your dream vacation booked in 2 minutes with no risk
  • How to Become [Desired Result] When You [Something Challenging]
    • ex. How to pick the right hotel during COVID
  • There’s Big [Desired Result] in [Blank]
    • ex. There’s big rewards when you stay with us
    • ex. There’s big benefits when you book direct
  • You Don’t Have to Be [Something Challenging] to Be [Desired Result]
    • ex. You don’t have to fly to have a great vacation
      • Above addresses drive markets (the addressable market within driving distance)
    • ex. You don’t have to overpay to stay in luxury
  • Little Known Ways to [Blank]
    • ex. Little known perks to staying with us
    • ex. Little known ways to save on your stay
  • How to Turn [Blank] into [Desired Result]
    • ex. Turn Your Next Stay into The Ultimate Dream Vacation
    • ex. How to turn your booking into rewards
  • How to Build a [Blank] You Can Be Proud Of
    • ex. How to build a travel journal you can be proud of
    • ex. How to book a trip you’ll love
  • • Get [Desired Result] Without [Undesired Result]
    • ex. Get luxury rooms without high costs
    • ex. Stay longer without paying more
    • ex. More “me time” without the cost
    • ex. Stay longer pay less
    • ex. Get a longer vacation without paying more
  • Get Rid of [Problem] Once and for All
    • ex. Get rid of your unused vacation days once and for all
  • Improve/Increase Your [Desired Result] in [Time Period]
    • ex. Improve your mental health in 3 minutes
    • ex. Improve your outlook on the future in 3 minutes
      • i.e. The time it takes to click “book now” and book their stay

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Social Proof Headlines:

  • Here Is a Method That Is Helping [World-Class Example] to [Blank]
    • ex. Here’s a method that’s helping Michael Phelps stay flexible
      • For example you have a great spa, or hyperbolic chamber etc.
  • Savvy/Smart/Sexy People Do XYZ
    • ex. Smart travelers book direct
  • Why I [Blank] (and Maybe You Should Too)
    • ex. Why I took a vacation (and maybe you should too)
    • ex. Why guests love our rooms (and you will too)
  • [Do Something] Like [World-Class Example]
    • ex. Vacation Like Beyonce
  • Join [Impressive Number] of Your Peers That [Take Desired Action]
    • ex. Join 9,759 Other Satisfied Guests That Booked Direct
    • ex. Join 769 other guests that have gotten this offer
  • Like [World-Class Example] You Can [Desired Result]
    • Like Jay-Z you can stay in style
  • Why [Impressive Number] of People are [Taking Desired Action]
    • ex. Why 7,897 people booked direct with us this month
  • A Simple Way to [Desired Result] That Works for [Desired Group/Person]
    • ex. A simple way to relax that works for Barack Obama
  • • How to [Desired Result] Like [World-Class Example]
    • ex. How to vacation like Beyonce

Fear/Threatening Headlines:

  • If You Don’t [Blank] Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later
    • ex. If you don’t use your vacation days now, you’ll hate yourself later
  • The Biggest Lie in [Your Industry]
    • ex. The biggest lie in hospitality
  • X Shocking Mistakes Killing Your [Blank]
    • ex. Three Mistakes Killing Your Travel Budget
      • *One of these could be not booking direct 🙂
  • Don’t Try [Blank] Without [Desired Action] First
    • ex. Don’t try booking a vacation without seeing this offer first
  • [Blank] May Be Dangerous to [Something Precious]
    • ex. Not taking a vacation may be dangerous to your health
  • The [Blank] Risk Hiding in Your [Blank]
    • ex. The health risk hiding in your unused vacation days

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